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Toby's Tiger's Adventure: Day 5

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Come on, there's still a way to go,

come down this passage here.

At this time there shouldn't be

a single human here.

They ran around the corner

their pathway seeming clear,

They waited for a moment

to stand and stare and peer.

"Now take it nice and steady."

Said Anteater to the rest.

We're heading down the stairs

right there coz that way is the best.

But when they were in the open,

exposed there on the floor.

What did they see but human's foot

astriding out the door!

"Quickly, grab the spinny thing!"

Said Toby's Tiger fast,

They pushed and pulled and reached the stairs

before the human passed.

They jumped upon the spinny thing.

"And now what will we do?" "

We'll ride on down the bumpy stairs.

Hold me and I'll hold you!"

Toby's Tiger Day 6
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