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Toby's Tiger's Adventure: Day 2

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Other toys led the way

up the steep and scary stair,

Toby's Tiger watched them climb

all the way up there

The last step was the hardest

but he climbed the toppest step,

Frog pushed, Dog pulled

and up the stair they all get

The next bit stretched ahead,

along an open space.

"We have to hurry, can't be seen

by the humans in this place."

Goose said. "We must be careful,

where light lays on the floor.

So keep on going, don't slow down.

Aim for the furthest door."

The little toys all breathed deep,

and got prepared to run.

Toby's Tiger was a li'l scared,

this wasn't so much fun.

Toby's Tiger Day 2
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