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The Tale of Ding Ding Dino

A Triquetrae Tale

Join Ding Ding Dino in a ringing tale. Use the graphic score of footprints with a friend, one person plays read and one person plays orange.

Use your own footprints to make a graphic score your can draw around your feet or use paint and make real footprints in different colours for different sounds.

A graphic score is a way to write music down without using standard symbols. Many things can be used to make graphic scores and they are great fun for children to make patterns and then play them in different ways.

Any pattern can be made into sound and music is just a pattern we all agree on, as is language. Authors have made up their own language and writing systems (see ) in the same way new systems for writing rhythms can be made, introducing the concept of a symbol indicating a sound.


Kids Activity

Make Your Own Ding Ding Instrument


  • Cardboard tube

  • 12 Jingle Bells

  • Needle

  • Strong Cotton

  • Bradawl (or something to pierce a hole)

  • Marker pens, paint or stickers.


  • Decorate the tube with dinosaur themed drawings or print out the dino wrap and fix to the tube. Cut of the excess print.

  • Make three rows of holes at one end.

  • Using the string thread attach the bells to the holes and tie inside.

  • Cover each knot with PVA glue or tape.

  • The bells may come of with use over time. Be careful around younger children.


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