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Practice Time

Updated: May 1, 2019

We encourage our pupils to practice as much as they can because it helps them to make progress quickly. All pupils reach plateaus in their learning where it gets harder but persistence and not practising errors means they can work their way through the new learning and anchor it firmly in their mind, transferring the information, knowledge and muscle memory from short to long term memory.

Remember it's better to do 2 - 3 10 minute practices a day rather than one 30 minute practice as your retention and memory implanting works much better that way and reinforces the knowledge it gains.

If you make a mistake and then keep on making it, walk away from the instrument, give yourself half an hour and then try again. There is no point practising mistakes as they just reinforce errors made.

Just 10 minutes practice twice a day is enough to kick-start your learning.

Our eldest pupil is 87, our youngest 2 if you want to learn, come down and book the taster today, the quicker you start the sooner you get better, at practising, playing, performing and loving the creativity that music brings to your life.

T: 0161 303 9966 / 0781 339 8977





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