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Level 1: 3 Note Patterns

The Triquetrae Programme Three Note Patterns book presents a pattern-recognition system for improved sight reading ability. This method is similar to a new reader learning the first 100 words that are recognised at sight. 

Before these patterns are observed the student should be able to read all the level 1 notes without an error. In the same way a new reader would be expected to know the alphabet. These patterns are like the letter combinations that are used to create words. 

Each pattern, when located, and learnt to play at sight, will make the combination of sounds to words easier to understand.

The examples shown follow the melodic principle of notes following each other like a melody. The student is encouraged to play the notes, where possible, together using the harmonic variations, in a chord format. 

This format is influenced by Suzuki and Alfred systems which encourage pattern recognition as part of the educational process and by the concept that music is, at its heart, a language that everyone can understand. Therefore the nouns, verbs and adjectives are contained in the music, as are phonemes in recognisable patterns of notes.

Example pages

Instructions for Use

  • Using the pattern variation pages play the pattern on the piano using notes C3 - G3 or C5 - G5.

  •  Using the variation musical detective page look in your music and find as many instances as possible. 

  • Fill in the piece name and bar numbers. 

  • Write the example on the stave remember to include a clef and key signature. 

  • There are extra sheets at the back should you require any additional pages, please photocopy as required or print additional copies from the QR code on the page. 

  • For the musical detective pages please look in any music you are playing in your lesson or any piece of TQ level 1 music.

Downloadable Resources

Download PDF • 230KB

Purchase the book from Amazon via this link . This is an Amazon Affiliate link and the extra pennies they bring in help us provide the motivational awards for our students. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases



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