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MusiKids Ukulele Class Week 4

Week four brings rhythm tab with red arrows to show the notes that are held. We also look at the first strumming song.

Pitch Exercises - Week 4

Learn these exercises to master the new notes.

Download Pitch Exercises TAB as a Pdf

Download PDF • 851KB

Oh When the Saints - Week 4

Uke Tab for Oh When the Saints

Download Oh When the Saints Uke TAB as a Pdf

Download PDF • 794KB

Ode to Joy - Week 4

Uke Tab for Ode to Joy

Download Ode to Joy Uke TAB as a Pdf

Download PDF • 712KB

Row Row Tow Your Boat - Week 4

Row Row Row Your Boat, Strumming Exercise

Download Row Row Row Your Boat as a PDF

Download PDF • 704KB

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