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June MusiKIDS Blended Challenge

5 Gems Each Month Blended Challenge

  • February: Valentines Day

  • March: Spring

  • April: Earth Day

  • May: Garden Life

  • June: Summer

  • July: Children's Art

  • August: Holiday

  • September: Back to School

  • October: Autumn

  • November: Keeping Warm

  • December: Christmas

  • January: Winter

This challenge involves three parts.

The 'online section' is a quiz (or quest) available in our online course section. It is free to join and a fun way to improve online skills. Gem cards are awarded at the end of the month to everyone who has completed the quest that month.

The 'written work' section can include theory, craft, drawing or any pen and pencil based activity. Bring the item to your lesson for a Gem Card to exchange for a gem.

The 'in person' section involves a 30 second work in progress video to be sent to reception. Include to three challenge items in your video to receive your gems. 1 gem awarded per item included.

Extra gems are available via the online programs. See if you can collect them all.

June's Dragon Tale can be ordered, with the complete series, from Amazon on Kindle

The Learning Objectives for the June challenge are

  1. Learn about the dragons art competition

  2. Learn some Italian terms and 5 level 1 notes

  3. Use the imagination and be creative.

  4. Develop small muscle control.

  5. Complete tasks with short term extrinsic rewards.

  6. Develop a relaxed nature with the use of video.

  7. Be aware of the requirement to check your work.

  8. Meet the ‘dragons’ Juliet.

Earn 5 gems this June. (PS there are 5 more every month in the online challenge)

Send a Work in progress video with 3 summer items to +44 7706 638821 in June to earn 3 gems.

Draw or craft an Garden Life picture with Micah and bring it to your lesson.

Complete the lovely online quiz and earn 1 gem.

​Download the June Calendar and potential Gem Tracker. Tick them off as you earn them.

17 are easy to get with a potential 4 more for double practise. If you work extra hard in your lesson there are up to 8 gems available.

That is a whopping 29 gems.

If you play in a Soiree there is a possible 15 to earn and an level or exam pass has up to 5 available.

Download PDF • 876KB

For more information about the sponsored practice see the 'Practise-a-thon' page.

Sticker Chart

When a student at Stalybridge Music Academy achieves a target in lessons the teacher can award a sticker to go on the monthly sticker chart.

Fill the chart in the month and show reception before the end of the month and you will receive two gems.

Download this months sticker chart here.

Download PDF • 458KB



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