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Gemstar 26/05/2021: Ava

Some of the best videos I share on our social media channels are the 'Work in Progress' videos.

I was listening to a speaker called 'Gary Vee' and he was speaking about documenting progress not creating content. I realised that the best opportunity we could give our students was a platform to document their progress. What motivates a student is not the final product or the show piece. That does nothing to help someone who is struggling with practice, in fact it almost says the opposite. What really helps is the journey, the weekly reference point, the ability to look back and say 'Wow I really have come far'. Everyone is at a different point in learning but the one thing everyone who is taking lessons can say is that they are working on 'this piece'. Ava had her first violin lesson with Daniel this week and mum shared this lovely video of Ava practising after her first lesson with a bow. I can happily say this is an amazing video as it marks the starting blocks for Ava.

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