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Gemstar 22/05/2021: Jacob

Gemstar for 22/05/2021 who, even though he had a long day at school and felt a little under the weather, still managed to jump on the sofa and grab his uke. Well done lad - a super proud mum grabbed this snap.

Great practice point here too. No matter how you feel, if you can practice make sure you do it, sometimes it can even help you feel better. Give yourself the best chanve and grab a piece of fruit and a good drink before hand. BUT - if you feel so out of sorts that you are going to not practice effectively or you re going to make more slips that you would have normally made, maybe a days rest is in order.

Have you achieved your practice target today?

Send a photo or video to our social media accounts, WhatsAapp or email to . When we share it on our blog and social media accounts we will add a gemstone to your jar.

What to be involved and earn gemstones while you have a lesson?

Book your lesson with Stalybridge Music Academy today, either in person or online, and start collecting today. Each Gem is worth £1 to extra curricular lessons or merchandise. Book on 0161 303 9966 or by clicking here to transfer to the booking page. Jacob has Ukulele lessons with Rob. Uke lessons can be booked with Rob, Andrew, Ste or Wes for on

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