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Gemstar 18/05/2021: Josiah

The Gemstar for 18th May 2021 is Josiah who takes guitar lessons with Ste. Practice point number 6 is to allow time in your practice schedule to explore what your instrument can do. Free play boosts confidence and is a creative outlet for when something cannot be said or explained in words.

Did you enjoy making music today?

Send a photo or video to our social media accounts, WhatsApp on 0781339 8977 or email to . When we share it on our blog and social media accounts we will add a gemstone to your jar.

What to be involved and earn gemstones while you have a lesson?

Book your lesson with Stalybridge Music Academy today, either in person or online, and start collecting today. Each Gem is worth £1 to extra curricular lessons or merchandise. Book a guitar lesson by calling 0161 303 9966 or by booking on

Evan has guitar lessons with Ste. Guitar lessons can be booked with Chris, Rob, Wes, Daniel or Ste for on



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