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Gemstar 13/05/2021: Lucas

Practice is the start of what you need to do to get better at splaying the piano BUT without pushing yourself to achieve specific goals, or a good process you might not get anything out of your practice. A long time ago, when I was a new teacher, I had a student who programmed his computer to practice for him. His mum heard the practice and assured me that, even though I believed otherwise, she heard him practice every day!

Practice alone is not enough, it is just passing time and sometimes you can do more harm than good. Practice needs to be focusing on the new things, or the parts of a piece you cannot manage without pausing to think. I would recommend starting with a warm up, just like a sports person would. This can be a favourite piece, scale or playing around with chords. Follow this with the work, practice slow sections, speed up like you would do reps in a gym with different weights, then move to the full piece as the equivalent to cardio. Finally cool down with a favourite piece, memory work or improvistaion.

Smart effective practice works.


Have you had a effective practice time today?

Send a photo or video to our social media accounts, WhatsApp on 0781339 8977 or email to . When we share it on our blog and social media accounts we will add a gemstone to your jar.

What to be involved and earn gemstones while you have a lesson?

Book your lesson with Stalybridge Music Academy today, either in person or online, and start collecting today. Each Gem is worth £1 to extra curricular lessons or merchandise. Book on 0161 303 9966 or by clicking here to transfer to the booking page.

Lucas has piano lessons with Andrew. Piano and keyboard lessons can be booked with Chris, Daniel, Wes, Andrew or Ste for on



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