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Gemstar 04/06/2021: Harry

I would like to introduce today's Gemstar, Harry. Harry has just started piano lessons with Andrew. Practice is important from day one, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming as everything is new. Stalybridge Music Academy offer a seven day support service where we will send you videos or advise with any problem or confusion. That way you too can give piano practise a big thumbs up.

Every problem, hurdle or confusion is an opportunity to learn and grow in your ability. That is why we teach those who want to learn, in so many ways these feelings mean you are on the edge of learning something new, which is fantastic.

Someone once said "The only stupid question is the one you don't ask" in other words, keep asking questions. All the teachers at Stalybridge Music Academy love answering questions and helping you achieve the next learning point.

Harry has started his gemstone collection with these photos, and each gemstone he earns is worth £1 towards tee shirts, tote bags, extra lessons, event tickets or group lessons.

Do you want to start to learn? Call us on 0161 303 9966 to book your first lesson or click below.



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