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Gem Star 24/04/2021: Jacob

Jacob had a new piece last week, 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz.

Starting to practise a new piece can be exciting and hard work. It is normal to want it to sound great straight away but if your teacher has chosen a piece for you that you need to think about a little bit, that means you are moving forward with this piece. Keep up the practise everyday and, if you practice with focus, meaning and intention, it will become a little bit easier every day. ... and mums can't help but sing along especially with such a classic. Keep going Jacob, it's going to sound great when you can play it. A gemstone will be added to your jar for sharing this video with us and being the Gem Star today. Don't forget to send your practice photos to our inbox and when we publish them on the timeline we will add a gemstone to your jar! That's £1 off a extra curricular activity or merchandise!!

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