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Gem Star 06/05/2021: Charlotte-Rose

Today's Gem Star is Charlotte - Rose with her descant recorder. Thank you for sharing this and a 6th gemstone will be added to you jar.

The recorder used to be played in schools up and down the land but it has been usurped in many schools by the ukulele or guitar. However playing the recorder has many benefits.

A quick search will show you many reasons playing the recorder is good for our young people. Julia Jooya lists 25 great reasons to play the recorder on her site and expands upon each.

  1. It helps develop strong lungs and breath control.

  2. It teaches us to read music.

  3. It helps us develop our listening skills.

  4. It helps us develop our aural skills.

  5. It helps to develop our eye and hand coordination

  6. It helps develop our fine motor skills

  7. It can help our self-confidence and self esteem

  8. It helps develop our problem-solving skill

  9. It helps build teamwork skills

  10. It helps us to present our best selves in public

  11. It helps develop our musical ear

  12. The recorder is small and portable.

  13. It helps develop both sides of our brain

  14. It helps develop our grit and perseverance

  15. It helps develop our memory

  16. It is an affordable instrument to play

  17. It helps develop our self-discipline

  18. It helps develop our patience

  19. It helps develop our respect for the Arts

  20. It helps develop a lifelong appreciation of the Arts

  21. It helps develop a lifelong appreciation of Music

  22. It helps develop our respect for Music

  23. It helps develop our communication skills

  24. It is the right size for young musicians to learn

  25. It gives us experience and opportunity to work as a group

Check the site out ( or full details of each reason, then come back and take advantage of all these opportunities by booking your recorder lessons for children 5 years and over.

If your son or daughter has missed out on recorder lessons at school, get in touch and book a lesson with Chris, Rob or Josie.



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