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An Egg-cellent Challenge

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

What sort of egg did you include fresh, hard boiled, dippy, fried, hand crafted or chocolate?

This week's egg-cellent challenge.

In your 'Work in Progress' practise video wear a hat, include an egg - any egg it can be fresh, fried, boiled, scrambled or chocolate. Maybe a crafted egg, a paper egg, a hand painted egg or a decorative egg.

This is the amazing Faberge egg inspired by the show Game of Thrones

What inspired your egg-creation?

Remember send them in as soon as possible for 1 gem stone added to the pot. Send your video to 0781 339 8977, all videos received will be acknowledged within 24 hours and included on the next video. If you have forgotten a previous challenge you can send that too :) with the exception of the super-gem green challenge.

The winners of the last super-gem challenge were Ava and Ruthie with a whopping 87 green items in the video! Join in the next super-gem challenge in June.

Check the board in reception for everyone taking part, send your video and be part of the fun. Looking forward to seeing your hat!

New Gem Board

"Egg-cellent Work in Progress" 1

"Egg-cellent Work in Progress" 2

"Egg-cellent Work in Progress" 3

After the challenge has finished you can still send in challenge videos for extra gems. These will appear in the challenge of the week video but on the correct background.



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