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Air from Piano Sonata Number 11

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Air from Piano Sonata Number 11 by Mozart is a level 2 performance piece, part number TQP.L2.CLCG.P18.

This piece can be used when a student has mastered the dotted crotchet - quaver rhythm which is introduced in level 2. Use the French Time names Ta and Ta-Te to help achieve a steady rhythm.

The piece is in F major which means it has a B flat in the key signature. The B flat is used int he right hand section. Before playing this piece rehearse the F major muscle pack which includes the scale, arpeggio and primary chords.

Download the music

Download PDF • 414KB


About this Piece

Piano Sonata number 11 was written by Mozart and was published in 1784. It's catalogue number is K331. It has three movements and this air can be found at the start in the Andante Grazioso. This final movement of this Sonata is the Alla Turca which is very popular and can be 'played' by a grade 5 or 6 pianist but a grade 7 or 8 would achieve a different performance. [1]

The Andante Grazioso is a theme and variations. It is a siciliana [2] with two eight bar sections, each repeated. It is often in compound time and is like a slow jig or tarantella. It evokes a pastoral or shepherds style and features dotted rhythms. [3]

The original, public domain, sheet music can be found IMSLP [4] including a first edition from 1784.

The full movement


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