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What to expect in a piano lesson?

When a new learner starts piano lessons there are often a lot of questions before the lesson starts.

  • How are they structured?

  • What do you need to bring?

  • What can you expect from the lesson?

The goal of Stalybridge Music Academy is to make the learning process enjoyable and achieve a goal or learning objective. We know that music development depends on the lesson content so all lessons are planned and lesson summaries provided.

Before your lessons start you will meet a consultant who will ascertain your skill level, learning style, interests and goals. Your goals can be to play your favourite song, to learn an extra skill, to give it a go, to play with friends or to become a professional pianist or teacher. These are your initial goals, why you are commencing the musical journey. Our pianist will evaluate your goals and select the teacher that is most suited to your skills, expertise and goals.

The first proper lesson is where the student meets the teacher with whom they have been placed. This teacher will already have discussed your plans with the assessing pianist, have a copy of your assessment sheet and have a prepared lesson which will assess the current skills.

Some students start without any experience and some students start with experience from school, or a previous teacher, or they could be self taught. We need to verify these abilities to know the starting point and where potential gaps in the learning curve exist.

If you are starting from the beginning the teacher will show you the basic techniques regarding hand position, posture and some basic note reading skills. Beginner techniques will be demonstrated and the layout of the keyboard will be introduced. Basic rhythms will be introduced and this will all be brought together in a simple song.

This may seem a lot but these are small steps to set the foundations in correctly. Right from the start we encourage the student to make every effort to progress on the piano.

If the student can already play the teacher will begin with an appropriate standard piece but also check to see that all the early skills have been understood and can be demonstrated by the learner, including hand position and posture.

No matter what your age, experience level, style preferences or goals, piano lessons from Stalybridge Music Academy will set you on the right path to achieve your piano goals.

Get in touch today to book your free consultation and assessment.



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