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Music Education & Accessibility.

Here at Stalybridge Music Academy we intend to provide a holistic music and creative led education for all of our students. We are happy to provide 1-2-1 lessons with our experienced Tutors to pretty much any and all. Students who struggle with mainstream education are most welcome and we do our utmost to support them.

All students need is; 1. Their own instrument (although some rental instruments are available. 2. Monies because we have to pay Tutors, rent, electricity, DBS checks etc. We try to keep our charges to a minimum but this also means we need more students (with the exception of Wez, because Wez is already busy with his work with us, work on a new guitar syllabus, Cassiopeia, SWJ, Scenestealers and jammin' with his friends. 3. Time to come for either 30 minutes a week or 1hr a fortnight. 4. Time, incentive, motivation and encouragement to practice what is needed for at least 10 minutes a day to improve skills, piece playing, scales, sight reading etc.

We offer support for Primary Maths, English & Science with the wonderful Mal, Drama, Speech, Performance Skills and Self-Confidence building with Mukesh, Mal, Josie and Lesley. We also offer drum sessions for people with special education needs with our SEN Drum Tutor David.

Our Exchange and Barter Scheme means that for some people (depending on skills and requirements) we can offer an exchange of work for lessons (depends on availability as, obviously, we do need money to pay for certain things).

If you've always wanted to try, or your child/ren are showing an active interest please give us a call, or pop in and see how we can help one another.

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