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Life Long Learning

"What separates successful people from others is not how naturally talented they were, but how many times they failed, yet they keep going when others give up, keep working hard, keep making mistakes, keep learning and never quit"

In terms of music it is not matter how naturally gifted you are in music, it matters how long you keep going to practise, going to improve and going to learn. You learn by changing a mistake in the music into how it should sound.

It can feel bad when another day passes and you still cannot achieve the chord in time, or the melody does not sound right. This is part of learning, it is not a failure of that days practise, it is a move forward that is not yet complete. As with diets, as with exercise, if you miss a day, pick yourself up and get on with it. Those who keep missing days till they give up will regret it tomorrow.

By working hard you will make mistakes and this will allow you to keep learning. You cannot learn without mistakes, you cannot learn without coming from a position of not being able.

You cannot learn from being content and comfortable in your skill. Never quit learning, there is always more to learn, to know and to allow your skill to grow. Never quit, don't give up, don't wish with no intent.

Make it happen.

Book your lessons today and move into a music filled tomorrow.

Music improves everything, so make the most of tomorrow by learning music today.

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