Alice the Attendance Star's Sticker Challenge

Updated: May 1

Do you attend lessons with Stalybridge Music Academy?

Take Alice's 12 week Attendance Sticker Challenge.

  1. Print page 3 and take it to your lesson.

  2. At your lesson ask reception for your lesson attendance sticker.

  3. Each consecutive week repeat this process.

  4. When all twelve consecutive stickers have been collected reception will add a gemstone award to your jar.

  5. If you miss a week, print another sheet and start again. Sometimes it happens but its all part of the fun of a challenge.

Why is attendance important?

Music is a language, a science and an art. It takes practice and perseverance.

The lesson is your one to one time with your teacher where you can ask questions, receive the advice and corrections you need to achieve your goal and the motivation to have another go.

If you have not managed to practice at home during the week, this is your chance to get back on track.

If you have forgotten your music, don't worry, we have copies of everything as it happens a lot.

There are times it is not possible to attend your lessons at one of our studios. It maybe that a parent cannot drop you off, or maybe you have to stay home for health reasons; or sometimes the activities of life just prevents it.

You can still attend your music lesson at another time in person, take a double lesson the following week or book an online lesson via instant messenger.

With Percy the Practice star, Alice the Attendance star, and your continued commitment and dedication you will carry on developing.

Collect them all over 12 weeks

Do you take lessons online ? Not a problem try our online challenge to gain the badge. If you would like the stickers send a self stamped address envelope to the address at the bottom and a print out of the completed challenge and we will send the stickers. Click here to go to Alice's Online Challenge

Download Challenge Sheet for In-person Lessons

PDF • 457KB

Don't forget to join the challenge group on

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