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We seek to provide a QUALITY service

We have been informed of other facilities offering music lessons in the area that our loyal students and friends were concerned may impact upon our teaching.

We're not concerned. We seek to provide a QUALITY service to our students where they have tuition sufficient for progression, homework to ensure maintenance of skills, in person, by phone, email, and video support for students.

Advice on where to procure instruments and supplies, Examination Grading offered and Informal Learning accepted.

Our Foundation ( seeks to gather money, supplies, instruments etc which can be donated to people who cannot afford one, tuition fees are paid for by volunteer companies and individuals, to promote and allow people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford the lessons. And we can, from time to time, offer barter and exchange, time for lessons.

If you're interested in our Quality Service with Qualified Teachers ... feel free to call (0161 303 9966), email:, via the website ( or via snail mail (6-8 Melbourne St, Stalybridge, Cheshire, SK15 2JE) we'd be glad to hear from you.

Our youngest pupil (doing General Music with Andy) is 2, our eldest is 87 (doing Cello with Malachy) so you're never too old to start a new instrument and never too young to learn.



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