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Dragons & Trophies & Vaults Oh My!

At the end of the year (during the strange bit between Christmas and the end of the New Year Break) The Dragons, Dru and Chris, with Simon and Amy's able assistance will calculate the Annual Totals. The sum of Gemstones will be transferred as coins, to the Dragon Vault and we will recommence in 2022.

If you would like to join in the Gemstone Reward Program speak to reception.

If you would like to join in the Gemstone Reward Program please speak to reception.

These will be a first, second and third place (not shown) trophies for students who have accumulated the most gemstones this year.

Floyd: First Level Guardian Floyd's the first Dragon that you will meet, He guards the first cave which is kinda neat, He checks the things that you should know, How far you've come, how far to go.

Simeon: Second Level Guardian Simeon's the Second Guard, He's big and bluff and tough and hard, But he'll also help you make your way through, Because it's the charge he chose to do.

Theodore: Third Level Guardian Theodore guards the Vault numbered Three, The biggest guard for all to see. He teaches well, and knows what's right, To gather all the music's might.

Guiseppe: The Gap Guardian Guiseppe guards the path you see, Which goes between the Vaults. From Verdan's Vault to Caerun's Vault, You need all the gems not naught

in 12 months you can earn:

  • 52 Work in Progress Gems

  • 52 Homework Gems

  • 52 Double Practise Homework Gems

  • 30 Personal Achievement

  • 52 Well Done in Lesson Gems

  • 52 Performance Gems (special terms apply)

Total 290 Gems Every Gemstone equals one pound (£1) towards shop items, courses, fun stuff, trades and gaining amulets etc. for challenges and quests.

  • Floyd looks after Gems 1 to 50

  • Simeon looks after Gems 51 to 125

  • Theodore looks after Gems 126 to 225

  • Giuseppe looks after Gems 226 to 250

Dragons prefer to look after gold and silver, they can sleep on the flat coins but gemstones, although sparkly, are a little uncomfortable, even for dragons! When gemstones are transferred to the vault they are stored as golden and silver coins. A silver coin is worth 25 gemstones. A golden coin is worth 50 gemstones. At the end of the year 24 gemstones and under are stored as gems. You can upgrade your gems to coins at any time but remember only gems count on the 'Gemstar Annual Challenge'. If you have over 250 gems you move up to Cerun's vault where you can store coins and Dragolian Coins. Cerun is the Guardian of the Blue Vault more details to follow next year. Verdan is the Guardian of the Green Vault who will follow in 2023.

To find out more about the dragons look for the story books under Triquetrae Tales.



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