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Toby's Tiger's Adventure: Day 7

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

They climbed up on the stools,

to have a well earned rest.

Frog led the way, still bouncing well,

he really jumped the best.

They sat upon some flat round things,

while Goose flew on the disc.

And agreed that while their trip

was fun, it was certainly a risk.

They froze as over them

a bigger shadow fell.

"What are you fella's doing down here,

can't stay here, that's good and well.

Climbing on the big fawn Dog, they held

on tight to him and with a bound

he climbed the stairs

with striding, strong-thewed limbs.

They gave him a hug and said their thanks.

He smiled and nodded back.

"Toby's Tiger, jump up on where you were left,

it's time to go on back.

Finally after seven days,

adventures, falls and scares,

now Toby's Tiger's going home

to the life with his boy he shares.

Toby's Tiger 7 plus
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