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Toby's Tiger's Adventure: Day 3

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

"Are you ready?" Said the Frog,

just run as fast as you can.

And off on legs that seemed like springs,

he sprang and sprang and sprang.

Toby's Tiger bounded past Anteater

and sprinted past the Dog.

Even Goose's wings could not keep up.

Just as he could not catch Frog.

Together, leaning on the door,

they pushed with all their might.

One by one they scampered in,

although the gap was tight.

Goose said. "Come on, climb up here,

there's this thing you need to see."

So up the guitar they did climb,

though it was not easy.

What was this thing with shining keys

in black and gleaming white.

Goose fluffed up and told them

that he'd tell them if they liked

Toby's Tiger Day 3
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