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The Silver Singers: A Social Singing Group for Seniors

Join the Silver Singers: A Social Singing Group for Seniors.

Book your place now on weekdays at 10am.

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Singing in a small singing group offers many of the same benefits as larger choirs, but with some additional advantages that might be particularly appealing to senior citizens:

Reduced Intimidation:

  • Smaller groups can feel less intimidating for beginners or those who are self-conscious about their singing ability. In a smaller setting, there's less pressure to hit every note perfectly, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Focus on Individual Attention:

  • With only four members, there's a greater opportunity for individual attention from the group leader. This can be helpful for learning proper techniques, receiving personalized feedback, and ensuring everyone feels comfortable participating.

Greater Camaraderie:

  • Smaller groups often foster a stronger sense of camaraderie and intimacy. Members get to know each other better, creating a supportive and encouraging environment, which is crucial for seniors who might be experiencing social isolation.

Flexibility and Repertoire:

  • Small groups can be more flexible in their choice of repertoire. They can cater to specific interests or limitations of senior members, perhaps focusing on simpler melodies or familiar songs from their generation.

Reduced Physical Demands:

  • Rehearsals in smaller spaces might require less standing or movement, which can be beneficial for seniors with mobility limitations.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Cost-effective:  Smaller groups might have lower fees, at just £4 per person compared to £12 for a one to one lesson. This makes them a more affordable option.

Physical Benefits:

  • Improved lung function: Singing exercises the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen. This deep breathing strengthens the lungs and improves overall lung capacity.

  • Reduced stress: Singing releases endorphins, hormones known to elevate mood and reduce stress. Singing with a group can be a fun and relaxing activity, further contributing to stress reduction.

  • Boosted immune system: Studies suggest that singing in a group can positively impact the immune system, possibly due to stress reduction and improved mood.

  • Improved cardiovascular health: Singing can elevate heart rate and blood circulation, contributing to better cardiovascular health.

Mental Benefits:

  • Enhanced cognitive function: Singing engages multiple brain regions, potentially improving memory, attention, and processing speed.

  • Reduced anxiety and depression: Singing releases endorphins and promotes a positive mood, which can help combat anxiety and depression.

  • Increased self-esteem: Singing in a group fosters a sense of accomplishment and achievement, boosting self-esteem.

Overall, singing in a small singing group provides senior citizens with a welcoming and supportive environment to enjoy the benefits of singing, promoting physical and mental well-being while fostering social connection and a sense of belonging.

Important Information: Please note this group is an upstairs activity. There are facilities on the same level. For information on downstairs groups please contact reception on 0161 303 9966.

Ready to sing? Book your place now on weekdays at 10am.



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