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Step 1 Popular Music Vocals. LCM

All the material in these levels can be prepared in advance of the examination.

Songs should be as basic as possible in nature, though it is acknowledged, and acceptable, that many popular songs students may wish to choose can fall outside these parameters.

The musical material selected for these grades should be of an essentially elementary nature.

Only the most basic, and hence most common, time signatures are used. Melodic and rhythmic material is simple. Variation of dynamics, articulation, phrasing and ornamentation will occur only sporadically in the repertoire, and will be limited to the most basic types.

The songs are characterised by melodies moving by step rather than leap, often based on the major scale, and limited in range to approximately one octave, though it is acknowledged, and acceptable, that many popular songs students may wish to choose can fall outside these parameters (e.g. have a range of more than one octave, be in a minor key etc.). Technical accomplishment is a more important element of assessment than musicality, and expectations of communication are limited.

Evidence of understanding of a particular style of delivery or vocal production is not expected. A physical involvement with the songs is expected, for example, natural gestures. Component 1: Technical work 20 marks

There are two elements to prepare for this component of the exam. Both exercises are to be performed in the exam and must be sung from memory. Guidance on tempos and notation can be found in the handbook you teacher will give you.

• Major scale up to a 5th, ascending and descending

• Major broken chord up to a 5th, ascending and descending

These can be sung using any syllable and in any key and the candidate must notify the examiner of the starting note. Students should aim for an accurate and confident performance, with a solid rhythm and relaxed voice. Recorded examples:


Prepare an 8-bar passage containing four short riffs in 4/4 time. The riffs can be found in the handbook, they do not need to be performed from memory.

These tests may be performed in either C or F major and this needs to be communicated to the examiner.

Component 2: Performance 65 marks


• Performance of two contrasting songs not exceeding 7 minutes (total performance time)

• Written programme. The programme must include a list of song titles and artists

• Lyric sheet for each song

The performance should aim to demonstrate basic voice control through a relaxed delivery that shows an awareness of pitch. It is not expected to show a range of vocal colours or techniques, but to produce a relaxed and personal sound. Songs are not expected to be performed from memory.


Song 1

  • A Thousand Miles Vanessa Carlton

  • Friday I’m in Love The Cure

  • Lean on Me Bill Withers

  • I Have a Dream ABBA

Song 2

  • A Message To You The Specials

  • Yellow Submarine The Beatles

  • Fields Of Gold Sting

  • Hound Dog Elvis Presley

  • Make You Feel My Love Adele

  • Love Me Tender Elvis Presley

  • You Belong With Me Taylor Swift

  • Blowing In The Wind Bob Dylan

  • Pack Up Eliza Doolittle

  • Time of Your Life Green Day

  • What Makes You Beautiful One Direction

  • Holiday Madonna

  • Love Is Easy McFly

  • Let It Be The Beatles

  • Drag Me Down One Direction

  • Johnny B Goode Chuck Berry

  • Yours Ella Henderson


  • Stand By Me Ben E. King

  • No Matter What Boyzone



Component 3: Questions 15 marks

Students should be prepared to answer the following:

• What part of the song did you enjoy the most and why?

• Is the song happy or sad?

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