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Something Just Like This

"Something Just Like This" is a song by American electronic music duo The Chainsmokers and British rock band Coldplay.

The song is written in the key of B minor and has a tempo of 103.156 beats per minute in common time. It follows a chord progression of G(add9)–Asus–Bm–Asus, and the vocals span two octaves, from G2 to G4.

In the lesson this can be sung at various levels and in different keys according to your ability.

This song is under copyright and can be purchased from Sheet Music Direct in various forms on this link. The lyrics can be downloaded from this link

Official Video

Download the worksheet

Download PDF • 419KB

Videos to follow

  • Exercise demonstration

  • Full track demonstration

  • Guitar Backing track

  • verse

  • chorus

  • song

  • Piano Backing track

  • verse

  • chorus

  • song



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