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September Soirée

Great night at our September Soirée on Saturday evening with classical guitar, electric guitar, drums and piano. We had music from Handel to ACDC and everything in between ending with a sparkling performance of Debussy's 1st Arabesque by Joseph.

A wonderful evening; looking forward to the next one already. Bookings now open on

Can I Play?

If you would like to play at an end of the month Soirée please let admin or your teacher know. Alternatively email

The performers for the next event are selected during the first week of October. Chris will speak with the teachers regarding who has made an achievement during the last month and offer the opportunity to play 2 pieces.

Imogen is taking Grade 2 Guitar and played See the Conquering Hero Comes and Camel Train

Ava is taking Grade 1 Guitar and played Rosamunde and Scared of the Dark

Amber Step 1 Piano and played Ode to Joy and Pease Pudding Hot

Amani Step 1 Piano and played Ode to Joy and There's a Hole in My Bucket

Jovee Grade 1 Drums Kaiser Roll and

Dan Debut Guitar and played Helicopter and 101 (plus a little ACDC)

Josue Grade 2 Piano and played Somersault King and Lonely Traveller

Joseph Grade 6 Piano and played a Chopin Nocturne and Debussy Arabesque 1

Some videos from the event. If you would like to add any photos or videos please email



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