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We're asked a lot of questions when people are looking for lessons.

Here's a few quick answers:

How Long?

How long will it take to become a competent instrument player - Honestly it depends on YOUR commitment, the amount of honest practice and playing time you take on your instrument and how committed you are to getting things right and progressing.

How Come?

This one often applies to reading notation and taking on some aspects of music theory which, when explained, tells you why music is formed that way and how you, as composer and player, can organise things so that they sound right.

Why can't I?

Often asked at the second and third lessons with regard to a specific song/ tune/ piece. The easy answer is "you don't have the necessary skills to play it right at the moment."


We often give students pieces they can accomplish so that they can know that they are progressing and not become overfaced with a more complex piece which may destabilise their self confidence.


Well the standard reply is 'because'. We teach in a general direction, teaching students what they need to learn as well as what they want to learn. Certain pieces are chosen because of what they teach rather than their aesthetic potential.

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