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Music improves everything

Music improves everything and now is the best time to start a new skill that will help you, your children or your grandchildren in health and education.

Musical skills are a well known stress relief, practising can lift the mood and alleviate the stress of the day.

The use of both hands doing different actions enables the mind to be totally involved in the playing of the music improving focus and concentration skills.

The coordination of hands used for playing an instrument helps with dexterity, penmanship skills and the development of the small muscles.

The ability to isolate certain sounds above others helps understand the sound patterns of language and can assist in the ability to single out a sound in a noisy classroom.

The ability to read two lines of symbols at the same time, and translate them into sounds helps with reading and sequencing used in the classroom. The ability to read ahead in the music practises literacy skills, whilst the exposure to new words broadens vocabulary knowledge.

Music lessons involve an amount of praise, correction, adjustment and alteration until the correct sound is achieved. This helps children to receive constructive criticism in a positive way that enables personal and academic growth.

Book your lesson at or call 0161 303 9966 to start your musical journey today.



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