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Preschool Autumn Term Week 1.

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Music Element 1: Dynamics

In our preschool music classes we learn about dynamics in week one. See below for six more colouring pictures to go with the video on loud and soft instruments.

​This is a sheet from element 1 in our preschool music program. Once you have used it to learn the numbers discuss with your child whether the instrument sounds loud or soft. Of course each instrument can play loud and soft, it is the decision of the person playing it. This can be used to learn about inside and outside voices, or loud and soft sounds.

Download the Counting Worksheet from this link

Download PDF • 2.05MB

Loud and Soft Instruments

Video to go With 5 Little Autumn Leaves


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Colouring pictures of the instruments used in the video

Violin Colouring Picture PDF Download

Download PDF • 651KB


Guitar Colouring Picture PDF Download

Download PDF • 631KB


Pianoforte Colouring Picture PDF Download

Download PDF • 809KB


Grand piano Colouring Picture PDF Download

Download PDF • 659KB


Drum Colouring Picture PDF Download

drum and sticks
Download PDF • 648KB


Ukulele Colouring Picture PDF Download

Download PDF • 631KB


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