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Meaning of Clefs Video Series

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

For many years I would not use the method of rhymes, however since that firm decision was made I have learnt much more about learning styles and inclusivity. It cannot be denied that for some learners this method helps a lot more than flashcards and 'just remember'.

It also has to be remembered that I learnt using this method and it worked for me. What I would say is this is not the only way to achieve the understanding of the note names. You can use it alongside other methods, often a multi-method attach is the best way forward.

If you require any additional tutorial help please see the other videos in this series or ask in the comments.

At Stalybridge Music Academy we have a series of note pairing games, bingo style games, dominoes and other board games that your tutor may use in the lesson. These and the lesson sheets to go with this series can be purchased from

Episode 1

Episode 2



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