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July 27th Chris & Daniel with Special Guests Event

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

We had a great time at our small event to celebrate the exam successes and great achievements of some of our students this year. Additionally this was the first event at our new Academy, and the first event for most of the students taking part. Only two had previously played at our 2013 event in Hyde. The time has passed so quickly, with so many changes over the five and a half years.

This is the first of many small events happening at Music Academy. A Music Academy teacher has an event each month for their students, check the notices or this link, , for when your teachers event is.

Thank you to everyone who took part and worked so hard to pass their exam or to achieve a personal best.

We cannot include everyone in these events as there is only time for a maximum of 12 performers playing 2 songs each, followed by Pizza :)

The next directors event is September 28th. If you would like tTo take part in this event please ask to speak to Chris or Daniel when you attend your next lesson. You will need two pieces up to performance standard

Warning: This video contains flashing images.

Next event, September 28th 2019 - 6pm start. Tickets can be purchased on



  1. Danny - Gadfly & Nina on Cello

  2. Niamh - The Cat from Peter and the Wolf and Spring from the Four Seasons on Clarinet

  3. Emily - Gulimi's Jig & Green Grass on Piano

  4. Chloe - Drunken Sailor on Violin

  5. Lucas - L'Elephant & Air on Cello

  6. Imogen - Rosamunde and Scared of the Dark on Guitar

  7. Jack - Viva la Viva and Slaidburn on Trumpet

  8. Kezi - Somersault King and A Little Song on Piano

  9. Eniyoma - Solfigietto on Piano

  10. Amanda - Teleman Duet & Butterfly Waltz on Flute

  11. Ruth - Teleman Duet & Shostakovich Waltz Number 2 on Flute

After event Pizza from The Canadian Charcoal Pit: 97 Market St, Stalybridge SK15 2AA Tel: 0161 338 8707 (Tell them you found them from the Music Academy website.)




Thank you Amanda, it was a great night and so motivating to see everyone play after such success in this years exams so far. Planning and looking forward to the next one already. - kind regards Chris 🎵


Jul 30, 2019

Wonderful Slide show of a great evening. Such a marvellous gathering of musicians all trying their best honing their skill with their chosen instrument. Showing just what they had achieved in front of teachers parents friends and peers. All their hard work and many practice hours clearly have paid off! It was a joy to be part of and to watch. Very inspiring indeed.

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