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Introducing Ste

Ste has worked with us at Stalybridge Music Academy since January 2013. He excels at teaching Guitar (Rock & Pop, Acoustic, Popular Music, Game Music), Bass Guitar, Piano (Elementary) and Drumkit.

Since before Lockdown Ste’s been teaching Online (via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp) and, despite a few connection issues, has found it an acceptable means to continue lessons but that it works better when you already have a working relationship with the Learner.

Now, with the easing of the Lockdown (comparatively) Ste is looking for more pupils wanting to explore the realms of Guitar, Piano and Drumkit playing. Even with the restrictions we have some slots available in Ste’s schedule so, come on down, have an assessment lesson, decide what you want to learn, we can advise you on what you need to learn and together we can achieve great things.

Ste works 12 - 7 Monday ‘til Friday and can sometimes do later depending upon his schedule.

Please contact us on 0161 303 9966. Book a Taster/ Assessment lesson online, selecting a time and day convenient for you or email us at



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