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Introducing Rob

Rob arrived at Stalybridge Music Academy in February of ‘19 offering his services as a Guitar, Bass and Drumkit teacher having taken a college based approach to music education.

He brings with him a boundless enthusiasm for his instruments which is evidenced by his students attitudes.

Rob is adept at teaching what his learners need to know as well as what they want to know and happily mixes and matches Guitar TAB, standard notation and Drum Score relying on what is actually needed for the piece/ song that they are learning.

He has proven, time and again, his patience with those with learning issues and possesses a seemingly unending supply of this rare substance when helping his students to overcome any bumps in the road of their musical journey.

He encourages his learners to progress, to want to learn more, to strive to be as good as they can be.

Rob is happy to work with students and sponsors to manage what they want to learn, whether that be casual or ascending the Grade ladder. Au fait with the grading process Rob can advise on suitable pieces and learning objectives so that the learner can progress in direct proportion to the effort that they put in.

Students who want to learn specific songs find an ally in Rob, he’s adept in finding, adapting, teaching and learning different tunes from different genres and can (and does) often work on simpler scores for those whose musical eyes are currently set on something greater than their ability can achieve.

Rob works most days at Stalybridge and his availability can be found online at Please feel free to book in an online or in-person lesson and explore what you want to achieve.

Remember that dreams are found in planning your journey.



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