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Gemstone Reward Program

If you would like to join in the gemstone reward program speak to reception for your gemstone jar then put in the practice and watch your gemstones add up. Remember every gemstone = £1.00 towards additional activities and merchandise.

You collect a Gemstone for

  • A piece you have completed to performance standard

  • A theory sheet you have completed that is 100% correct

  • Recording a video for the Academy You Tube channel

  • A completed satisfactory weekly practice record

  • A completed reception challenge or activity

  • A weekly photo of your practice time or music homework.

Leader Board

You will move up and down the leader board as you earn, or spend, gemstones. Each week the top three gem stars are on the Stalybridge Music Academy podium.

Keep working hard on your music everyday, sending in photos or videos and achieving your learning objective and you will be able to get there.

Remember if you want two lessons a week to give it an added boost hour lessons are available by arrangement.

​The mark 1 version

November 2021

More reasons for gemstones.

Exam & Assessment Gemstones

  • 5 for a Distinction

  • 4 for a Merit

  • 3 for a Pass

Performance Gemstones

  • A performance that has been recorded

  • A video from memory

  • A performance class

  • Performing a show and tell

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