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Gem Star 14/04/202: Mieszko

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Take a photo of your written music homework being completed or of you doing your effective piano practice and when we publish it on our time line we will add a gemstone to your jar.

This is Mieszko making use of his time to increase his music reading skills and playing skills with a lovely arrangement of a Musette by the great Mr. J.S.Bach.

Taking photos of your practice sessions helps your teacher correct home hand positions, music positions and, if you send a short video, to catch any errors before they are practised so much they become a habit.

Whatever you practise you will become better at, this is why it is important to practice effectively, paying attention to the small details. This will improve your playing and enjoyment in making music.

Learning to write music is as important as learning to read it. Imagine being able to speak a language and read it, but not be able to write a letter or a paragraph in that language. Writing a letter in music is composing, and to do this you need to understand and learn about the language. As they say it all starts with A, B, C; or in music doh,re,mi. Ask your teacher for written music homework and start the journey to writing your own music.

Mieszko receives a gemstone for sending these pictures in today. Remember a gemstone is £1 towards extra curricular activities or merchandise.

It really makes a difference! Ask your teacher, speak to Chris or Dru, or send a message via the inbox for more information.



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