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Gemstar 23/05/2021: Francesca

Updated: May 31, 2021

Teacher's note: The time Francesca puts in brings the results she wants!

There are different ways to play your instrument. Practice mode, performance mode and having fun mode. When working in practice mode the time we recommend on the Practice Record books is the minimum you should do to achieve progress. The more you do the more progress you will make, if it is done with focus and purpose. Make a note of it in your practice book and you will get an extra gem or two too.

Performance mode is practising and learning to play a piece for friends, family or for a living. Fun mode is playing just because you want to play, with no purpose or reason. In childhood if using building bricks we would call it play. You can learn a lot through play, sometimes without realising it.

It is easy to say you want to improve, it is easy to 'talk the talk and walk the walk'. However it is the 1% action you take every day that allows the improvement to happen. Look for small improvements every day and eventually you will have a big improvement which will last.

It all begins with one step, book your lessons today and that's the first step complete, turn up for the lesson and that's the second step, the next step ? We will chat about it at your lesson. Call 0161 303 9966, whats app 0781 339 8977, email or click

Find our more about 1% daily improvements on this link



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