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Family Learning: Learn Together, Grow Together

Family learning is designed to bring music into the family experience. Parents can support their children's learning at home, bring music and song into many activities.

A family learning lesson is priced at the standard rate and the teacher takes the additional role of facilitator or mentor. The family help each other, each member taking a part that they can play and feel a part of the activity. Each participant will require their own instrument, each is the same size. As time passes participants may separate into their own lessons but we hope the family experience still plays a part of their musical lives. Family members, both adults and siblings, play a very important part in the lives of their children. Children do better educationally, psychologically and socially when parents are actively involved. (, 2019) The website 'Involving Parents in their Children's Learning' states the following benefits

  • improved educational outcomes for children

  • effective ways of engaging parents in their children’s learning

  • improved communication between parents and practitioners

  • a first step back into learning for parents

  • improved relationships between parents and children

The Scottish Family Learning Network stated in 2016

‘Family learning is a powerful method of engagement and learning which can foster positive attitudes towards life-long learning, promote socio-economic resilience and challenge educational disadvantage' (Family Learning, n.d.)

The ukulele is a very accessible instrument.

  • It can be learnt from the age of three years old,

  • It does not matter whether you are left or right handed,

  • The colours are important for children,

  • They can be decorated with stickers and stencils,

  • They are small and can be easily carried,

  • The strings are far enough apart for small and larger hands to be equally able.

  • They do not cost a lot to buy or restring

  • A great introduction to guitar playing

  • Can be practised anywhere!

    • on a walk

    • in the car

    • at the beach

    • at the bus stop

    • on the train

    • in a field

    • at grandmas , aunties, uncles, sisters, brothers, dads, mums, etc ...

    • while waiting for .... (anything)

    • on holiday

    • sitting on a hill

    • in the park

    • by the canal

    • around a campfire

    • at a BBQ

    • next to a lake

    • etc.

Bring music to your family and book a ukulele lesson for your family today

Lessons available in 30, 45 or 60 minutes, online lessons also available.

Note other colours are available, see shop for details. (2019). Involving Parents in Their Children’s Learning. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Oct. 2021].

Family Learning. (n.d.). [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Oct. 2021].


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