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Musical Key Colours and Characteristics.

  • What colour does your day feel like?

  • What key are your favourite pieces today?

  • Do they match?

Musical Key Colours and Characteristics.

C Major - The key of childhood. Innocently happy and as pure as an angel. It's colour is azure.

A Minor - A gentle, soothing key full of sadness. Looking out the window on a rainy day. It's colour is turquoise.

G Major - Gentle, warm, lyrical, tender, and calm. Friendship, family, and happily ever after. The key of peace. It's colour is green.

E Minor - A mysterious, nocturnal sort of key. Moonlight through the pines on a cool night. It's colour is dark, pine green.

D Major - The key of celebration. It is a happy key full of sunshine and optimism. It's colour is yellow.

B Minor - The key of patience. Calm acceptance of fate without complaint, contemplative and even a little sad. It's color is dark yellow.

A Major - The key of youth and innocent young love. It is a bright and cheery key full of energy. It's colour is orange.

F# Minor - A desperate key. Full of anxiety and worry. Thinking about the future. Its colour is purple.

E Major - A warm, energetic key full of life and strength. Its colour is orange.

C# Minor - Serious, solemn, mystical and contemplative. A moonlit night in October. Its colour is dark orange

B Major - A strong key full of passion. Can express a variety of emotions. It's colour is purple.

G# Minor - A serious, solemn, and sober key. Accepting the bitter truth. Its colour is dark brown.

Gb Major - The key of love. Pink skies, purple clouds, Valentine's Day. Its colour is pink.

D# Minor - A key full of sadness, betrayal, tears of agony, and a capacity for rage. Its colour is light brown.

Db Major - A warm and comforting key, but also very sad and sorrowful. Recovering over a great loss. Its colour is vermilion red.

Bb Minor - The key of the grave. Funereal, sorrowful, and depressing. It's colour is black.

Ab Major - Like Db Major, it is a very sad key, but also very warm. It's colour is crimson red.

F Minor - The key of mystery. A noir film in black and white or a misty city by night. Its colour is maroon.

Eb Major - The key of masculinity. Strong, dependable, and loyal. Its colour is ultramarine blue.

C Minor - An innocently sad key. A grey, cloudy afternoon in November. It's colour is gray.

Bb Major - The key of national pride. A hopeful and optimistic key. It's colour is green.

G Minor - A calm but very sad key. A cold, windy day at the seaside. It's colour is light blue.

F Major - The key of nature and femininity. Calm, sweet and childlike. Its colour is scarlet red.

D Minor - An autumnal key. Gloomy and depressing. A misty morning in October. It's colour is mauve.

What do you think?.

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