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Back to School is almost here, where did the summer go?

Give your son or daughter the best start to the school year and book your piano, guitar or violin lessons now with Stalybridge Music Academy.

In a piano or keyboard lesson we teach how to read treble and bass clef music, use both hands and translate the music. We teach classical and popular piano (including Jazz), how to play so you can sing along and how to pass the exams.

Do you want to learn guitar, the first choice is which guitar, nylon string, steel string, electric or bass. The next choice is to do pop and rock, folk or classical guitar or to learn to sing and play. We cover music reading, TAB and chords and most styles of music. If you wish to do exams or perform we can help there too.

Violin is a beautiful instrument to learn but takes commitment in practice and drive to play it right. We have violin hire available in children's sizes so the investment in an instrument is small. This instrument helps to develop a good ear for music and sound.

There are many emotional and academic reasons to learn an instrument but in the end the most important factore is which instrument would your young person like to play? If they want to play it, then you are half way there.

Talk about it, find time in the day to practise and spend time together learning the music and that this can be maintained. Music is like a language you cannot improve without practise.

Once all these things are in place it is time to book the lessons and make it happen.

You can book on or by calling 0161 303 9966 and speaking to Chris or Dru



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