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August MusiKids

Check out this blog for the challenges in August.

See below for


Dru's Reception Challenge

1. Download the sticker sheet.

2. Collect stickers by completing 25 challenges in a month. You can download below or collect in reception.

3. Receive 2 extra gemstones for a complete sheet.

Sticker sheet Download.

MusicKids Reception Challenge
Download PDF • 302KB

Week 1: 01/08 - 07/08

This week's challenge is a simple one. Send in a photo or video to us via the usual channels. Email. WhatsApp, Facebook Page. This photo or video must include the student playing their instrument with a flower.

Dru's Reception Challenge week 1
Download PDF • 1.75MB


August Super Gem

We have had a little time off the gem challenges while Dru has been receiving his treatment. Back with a "Super Gem Challenge" this August.

Prize: 1 Gem per 10 items

Send a 30 second 'Work in Progress' video full of summer items. A Work in Progress video is your normal practice but with the Super Gem upgrade. Remember it does not have to be perfect, it's a work in progress.

Don't forget to include a list of all the items included, no list no gems! An item can only be included once per variation. ie sunglasses are sunglasses, no matter how many colours you have :) The record for the spring super gem was over 100 green items, well done to Brandon who sent a video, list and photos too.

WhatsApp to 0781 339 8977 or 07706 63882, send to the Facebook page or email to info@stalybridgemusicacademy.con to be included. Don't forget the list too.

Compilation videos will be included on the blog.


Secret Gem

Check back mid August


Work in Progress 2 Gem Challenges.

Check back from 2nd Monday in August.


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