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Piano Music by Grade

Click a grade below to access the data bank of graded piano music.

Early Elementary

The music selected for grade 1 has a limited range of notes with a small range of movement.

They are melodically and rhythmically simple with sporadic indications for dynamics & phrasing.

Early Intermediate

Grade 4 is more demanding by nature. A wider range of ornamentation and dynamics are used. Rhythmic independence is becoming important increasing the variety of musical characteristics available.

Early Advanced

The start of the professional repertoire demands a significant level of musicality and dexterity. Musicality is almost as important as technique and an emerging sense of musical personality can be seen.


The musical journey culminates with the musical personality shines through each performance with no hindrance in relation to rhythmic and melodic nuances. The music communicates the musicians thoughts.

Mid Elementary

The music selected for grade 2 has a limited range of notes with an increasing ranges of movement.

Technical requirements are still simple with character developing. Some ornamentation is included.

Graded Piano Music (1).jpg
Mid Intermediate

This grade is significantly more demanding than Grade 4. Music encountered here may be used in recitals.

Almost the full range of keys are available and a greater degree of  musical subtlety is required.

Mid Advanced

Pieces will include striking variations in key, rhythm or meter. Melodic and rhythmic complexities are to be expected and musicality is as important as technical accomplishment.  A musical personality can be seen.


Interpretation of the music is becoming stronger, the personality of the performer is becoming the signature of a professional career. 

The music becomes art and sound, a story is being told.

Late Elementary

Grade 3 music is more demanding by nature. The keys and time signatures used increase.

The melodic material is more complex and dynamics, ornamentation & phrasing become a regular feature. 

Late Intermediate

Key signature extend to the full range of possibilities.

Melodic and rhythmic material increases in complexity. Phrasing and ornamentation will require dexterity.

Musicality plays a significant role.

Late Advanced

The diploma bridges the gap between grade 8 and the professional repertoire.

The musical personality is now forming and the journey changes from translating the music to an interpretation.


The interpretation becomes personal, the performer uses the music as a vehicle for emotional nuances, colours and moods. 

The performance is an event in time.

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