Pages for Learners

Piano by Grade

There is so much piano music available from 1600 to present day.

This listing gives a guide, including the exam year usage, for the standard of a piece. 

The standard is a guide. If you are grade 2 you should be able to play a grade 2 piece with practice, a grade 1 piece with ease. Equally so a grade 1 piece can be used by a grade 5 learner as sight reading practice.

Musical Terms

A lost of the terms of musical expression required for grades 1 - 5 theory including the Italian, French and German terms.

Remember if you want to do grades you need grade 5 theory before you can do grade 6, so here is a chance to learn them all. 

Also included are required symbols, degrees of the scale, keys, orchestral instruments etc . 

Free Music to Download

We use a lot of folk music, traditional songs, children's songs and our arrangements of popular classics in our lessons for most instruments. 


On this link you will find a wide selection of styles, clefs and keys to download and have a go. Also great for sight reading and harmonisation practice.

Learners Events

Our learners events are closed door musical evenings with free pizza for all performers. 

Parents are invited and achievement certificates are given to all students who take part. 

The last Saturday in the month each teacher shares an event with their students. 

The first Saturday of the month is for examination candidates and anyone who would like to be involved for performance experience.

Important Dates

Not only dates of our learner events but exam entry dates, results dates, local music festivals and more. Keep an eye on this page to find out what is coming up.