About Music Academy

Music Academy we teach a variety of music lessons, academic lessons and drama lessons.

Lessons come in three price brackets, the more lessons you book the more you save. You can check the current prices here.


The shop is open every day except Christmas and Easter bank holiday Mondays.  Monday to Friday we are open from 9am to 8pm,  Saturdays we open at 8.30 to 6pm and Sundays 10am - 6pm. 


Lessons will work around the students so whenever you feel you are ready for a lesson, the half an hour slot will start from the time you book in for lessons. 


Twenty-four hours notice is required for us so if you could let us know if you are unable to attend a lesson or if you need to re-arrange for another day or time, you can ring the shop on 0161 303 9966 to let us know.  If we do not have confirmation and you do not turn up, you may be charged for your lesson.  

When the student commences the lessons depend on the age of the student, their personal learning style and the instrument they are learning to play. 


  • Violin or Cello 3 years old

  • Brass as soon as their adult teeth come through

  • Woodwind as soon as their adult teeth come through 

  • Piano 4 years old

  • Vocals 5 years old

  • Drums 5 years old

  • Guitar 7 years old

  • Ukulele 4 years old

  • Drama 8  years old

  • Harp 6 years old

  • Recorder 5 years old

  • General Music 3 years old

T: +44 161 303 9966

Music Dept: +44 781 339 8977

Admin: +44 790 360 2600
Lekcje Muzyki: +44 7542 571 295

E: info@stalybridgemusicacademy.com

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