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Covid-19 Reopening Policy

This policy is applicable from July 4th 2020 for students who have elected to resume person to person lessons.

SAFETY POLICY for face-to-face music lessons for guitar, ukulele, violin and drums.


Under current legislation we feel it is inappropriate to offer face to face lessons for piano, singing, brass and wind instruments.


This Safety Policy is effective from 4th July 2020 and until further notice.


Face-to-face lessons will only be available with a Stalybridge Music Academy teacher (hereafter “the teacher”) at the Stalybridge premises once students/ parents have agreed in writing to abide by the following safety rules.


These guidelines have been produced following a risk assessment to ensure that the studio is COVID secure in accordance with English Law and Government guidelines.


The following rules will apply at all times until further notice:

Attending lessons
  • DO NOT COME to the studio for your lesson if you or a member of your household has experienced any COVID-19 symptoms within the previous 7 days.

  • DO NOT COME to the studio for your lesson if you have been advised to isolate.

  • DO NOT COME to the studio if you believe that you have possibly been exposed to COVID-19.

  • You can still have your lesson via video link if you are well enough.

  • Either party can choose to revert to lessons via video link when necessary.

  • Should the teacher be required to isolate, or the guidelines change, lessons might need to revert to using a video link.

  • The teacher reserves the right to refuse or prematurely terminate a lesson without refund if he has reasonable grounds to believe this Safety Policy has been compromised.

  • If in any doubt at all, please DO NOT COME to the studio for your lesson.

  • Primary contact is via email, secondary contact is via mobile to Chris or Dru.


Safety measures


  • The Waiting Room will be closed to visitors and family members until further notice.

  • The toilet facility will be closed, and only be available to students in case of emergency and will be unavailable to other visitors. Please go before you come!

  • Students must be punctual. Arrive and leave on time, there is no waiting.

  • Waiting on site for late parental collection is not possible.

  • All lessons will last for 30 minutes, with a 15-minute gap between each student.

  • Upon arrival students should wait at the door which will be locked. Please wait for the teacher to unlock the door & move back.

  • The teacher will open the door using the automatic door control.

  • Please do not touch the door, door handles or (if possible) any other surfaces upon entering the Academy.

  • Do not bring anything extra to the lesson beyond that which you strictly need.

  • During the lesson, the teacher will be sat more than two meters from the student. However, sometimes the distance may be only one meter.

  • Students are recommended to wear a face mask throughout their Academy visit.

  • The teacher will wear a mask and/or protective visor.

  • Students should please not help themselves to hand sanitiser. This will be offered by the teacher both before and at the end of the session. The gel contains 80% alcohol and is effective against 99.99% of viruses.

  • The room will be cleaned between each student in accordance with the government guidelines. By not touching any surfaces unnecessarily this will be quicker. The door should only be touched by the teacher.

  • Practice Notebooks will not be used until further notice, except where students wish to complete their own, in which case they should also bring their own pencil. Any practice notes written by the teacher can be delivered digitally via email/etc. We encourage you to video the lesson for your reference using your phone or other device.


  • Cash payments will not be accepted.

  • All lessons must be paid in advance online via BACS, Credit or Debit cards or Paypal.

  • Booking and payment can be made online at where you can choose your time and teacher.

Clean Air

The requirement for moving air means that lessons will only be conducted in room 1 and room 3. These rooms have opening windows and will meet the current requirements.


These guidelines will be regularly amended to match changes in official guidance. All students will receive these updates via email.
Many thanks for your support.


Chris and Dru

29 June 2020


If you wish to receive face-to-face lessons
please confirm by email that you have
read, understood and agree to follow
all the guidelines included in this safety policy.




Download a PDF of our risk assessment from this link

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