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Lesson Cancellation Policy

Pre-Lesson Cancellation:

  1. By the Learner/ Sponsor: Learners/ Sponsors are requested to inform reception as soon as they are aware that they are unable to attend. 

Exceptions to the Rules:

      1. If the Learner is sick, sudden onset.

      2. If there is an emergency requiring a reschedule.

      3. If there are conditions which prevent the Learner arriving in a timely fashion out of the Learner/ Sponsors control.

  1. By the Tutor: Tutors may request a cancellation of a lesson on the following grounds:

    1. If the Tutor feels that their health is sufficiently impaired to not give 100% to the lesson. As much warning as possible must be given to the Administrator so that Learners can be informed before they arrive.

    2. There is an emergency involving a close family member that requires the presence of the Tutor to ameliorate any issues.

    3. They feel that they, or the Learner/ Sponsor would be at risk (a risk assessment must be completed after the allotted time to ascertain the problem) during a lesson.

  2. The Administration's duty when a lesson is cancelled by the Tutor.

    1. First Option: Assign Learner to a Stand-In Tutor for the Lesson. It must be noted that Learners are Learners of the Academy, assigned to whichever tutor the Administrator feels is the ‘best fit’ according to learning requirements and progress needs within the qualifications framework.

    2. Second Option: Reschedule the Learner to another time/ day convenient to the Learner and acceptable by the Tutor.

    3. Third Option: Cancel the Lesson and rebook in for the following week.


In-Lesson Cancellation is a last resort and there are only a few situations where it is applicable:

  1. Tutors Health, irrespective of cause (i.e Physical or Mental) is an issue.

  2. Learner or Sponsors Health is an issue.

  3. Safeguarding cannot be maintained due to risk to any of the parties involved.

  4. Environmental Concerns require evacuation of the building.


Any other suggested reasons for cancellation of the lesson must be discussed with the Administrator/ Manager on Duty who will make the final decision.

Please note that failure to practice is not a valid reason to cancel a lesson. The Learner should be required to undertake a lesson of Scales, Sight-Reading (where appropriate), relevant music theory and repetition of what they should have undertaken. Long Term failure to practice which compromises the Medium Term Planning for the Learner must be discussed with the sponsor and a new plan formulated as required. It may be more beneficial for the Learner, at certain times, to either take a break from lessons, to slow their progress due to other more urgent requirements, or to move to a ‘play for pleasure’ option in the interim.

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